Nugu Sae Yo?

Helo...annyong to all Earth People! 
(if aliens can read my blog, Hye Aliens..!!) 

---------This is KPOPERS territory-----------

This is my second blog..coz my first blog has been hacked by someone! 
Sayang lah my first blog tu dah decorate comel2 kan n dah 400 followers...ni tetiba kena wat blog laen plak. But, its ok...now I will make sure it won't happen again in the future. 

Hey, call me Ribena..
even u guys can see the bloglink is syafidajamil don't bother..
i prefer to be addressed as Ribena.
I am the youngest in my family and the only daughter of my lovely parents.
Yes, u can call me A SPOIL BRAT! I am!
I am from Penang, will be pursuing my postgrad course in Artificial Intelligence
(i have no idea why i choose this field)..
background Software engineering in UUM.
I am a very simple yet so sensitive person especially when it comes to frenship.
I hate backstabber! 

I love cats..i love ribbons and I love the smell of coffee in the morning. 
I love Korean Drama..Korean Song...Korean Language...Korean Food...One HD channel
(Korean TV)...haihhh
I even took Korean language as my second language in school ~~

And.....I love Lee Hongki FT Island 

I also like to talk to my teddies and I like cute shoes! Hehe! Photography is my interest and still developing my skill. Don't ask me to cook coz I dun like to..but I can bake especially cookies and cakes...!!  I'll open a bakery one day..haha! *mimpi*

Still single
but have someone to be consider as my future husben..
no rush..God will handle it for me.

I also like to walk through the rain..
people might say I am crazy..but thats the way how I enjoy my life. No offense! 

Guys, follow me...and I will follow u back..teach me how to blog well ya...? 
Take care!


  1. Replies
    1. hye sHiMi sHinHae... nice to meet u too...hehe...

      manna so pan gap semnida <------ nice to meet u in korean..hehe


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