Sunday, 1 July 2012

All About You

When I see you smile...I wish I own the smile...
When I look at you.....I wish my heart would not beat this fast...
When I look at your phone number, I really wish that I could press the 'Call' button and just listen to your voice..

When you are standing in front of me...I could not feel my leg..and I ran away...I wish I could stay..
When you are near me...I lost all the words.. and I lost my lips..
When you are thousands miles away from me....I wrote thousands of poems on you...

I watched you from behind the tree...and I watched you walking in the rain without an umbrella..
I wish I can hand you one..
I wish I may open your heart and see whose inside it.
I wish that one day, you would understand why such feeling should grow inside here..

Always Me,

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